Saint Joachim Church offers several programs to meet the needs of the youth at the middle school. high school. and college level!

Middle School Ministry that Works


Edge is a high impact program designed to engage the youth from 6th to 8th grade. Everyone remembers the awkward transition in life Middle School brings with it and the inability to feel comfortable in their own skin. However, with Edge, our Core Team breaks down the walls of the Youth and begin building bridges so that the teens are able to see where Jesus is. In fact, that Jesus is walking in the halls of their school each and every day! Go to our Edge page to find out more information!

Leading Teens Closer to Christ

Life Teen

Life Teen is a ground breaking engaging program for all teens from 9th to 12th grade. The mother program of Edge, Life Teen seeks to break down the false pretenses teens can put up, break through shells, and bring the joy filled laughter of God's greatness into their lives. Whether we are having an XLT (Praise & Worship) Night, sticking gummy bears on the Core Teams faces or trying to build Ice Cream Sundays on each others heads during a Life Night, or having a general social Night, we address the here and now, the issues our teens are facing and how our Roman Catholic Fath ties in. Our team is seeking to be open and letting Christ work through us to touch the lives of our high school youth so that they may see Jesus beside them. Check out our Life Teen page for more info!

Committing to Christ


One of the most incredible Sacraments we experience in the Church is the moment of conversion, the choice of living one's life in accordance with the Roman Catholic Faith, of following Jesus into the great unknown adventure ahead. At Saint Joachim we offer our Confirmation program for youth from the grades 9th through 12th. Over a span of two years, we seek to bring a deeper and better understanding of why we practice certain rituals in the faith, and the theology behind our doctrines. Check out the Confirmation page for more information!

Burning for Christ In The Darkness


Our College age Faith Group Coming Soon


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