• Mrs. Kristen L. Hew

Happy Haunts EDGE

What an incredible Edge night we all shared together. There was not a moment devoid of laughter and silliness as we engaged in some crazy cooky games where teens were mumified and brooms were raced. How great is our joy knowing the truth of Jesus Christ during this time of the year. We may engage in quirky halloween shenaniguns but as Catholics we rest in love and truth knowing that this time of year which is normally associated with dark material is not something we fear as Jesus has triumphed over death! Christ has redeemed and made us anew, and we trust in Him. So thanks be to God during a time when not everyone thinks of Him. He is the reason we can live and breath and find beauty in this life, and He is the reason we can stand tall and unafraid. And with our Father watching over us we know when we can have fun and connect with our brothers and sisters as children of God!

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