Leading Teens Closer to Christ

Life Teen is one of the new programs launching in the fall of 2018. Life Teen serves 9th-12th grade teens in meeting their spiritual needs outside of the standard Sacramental prep programs.

In Life Teen we seek to meet the teens with the blatant truth of how our faith applies in the day to day situations we meet. The program is funded by various families throughout the Saint Joachim Church body who have chosen to donate $52 a year so that our teens do not have to pay to attend.

Currently, Life Teen will begin in September with the kick off of a Color Run. Our teens will meet in Nevin Hall on Sunday nights at 6 p.m. to share in a meal, building community, and hanging out before we launch into the topic of the Night from 7-8:30 p.m. Like the Edge, there will be nights on serious issues called Issue Nights, nights on a theological concept that follows the Life Teen semester curriculum, and Social Nights where crazy games abound. The full schedule which reflect that of a school year will be made available soon.

To find out more information please contact our Youth Minister.