The Roots


Saint Joachim Youth Live has emerged by the grace of God to keep our teens and young adults up to date not only with the events and calendar of the Youth Ministry at St. Joachim Church but also to address the day to day matters and questions of faith that we all have. The Lord knows and sees what we go through, and there are many times when we feel alone and lost in the chaos and throws of life whether we are trepsing across the Jr. High campus, hanging out in the quad in High School, or debating about whether or not to join that one club on the college premises. However, Christ is with us through it all, and you are not alone with what you are facing. We are all in this life together, pursuing the greatest adventure and running in the race of faith. Here at Saint Joachim live, you can find out about the dates and times of different gatherings, retreats, and other ministries we offer at Saint Joachim Church as well as read the thoughts of other teens in our parish, and how our faith is working within it. Please feel free to investigate the site, and contact Lucina our Youth Minister if you have any questions.


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